Entertainment company spends 81 million USD to get Lisa (BlackPink)

Korean media reported that a series of foreign entertainment companies are willing to offer a high deposit to sign contracts with BlackPink members.

Lisa is sought after by foreign companies.

Lisa is sought after by foreign companies.

On January 23, Munhwa Ilbo reported that BlackPink and the management company YG Entertainment (YG) are about to expire. Therefore, whether the members renew their contracts with YG is a big concern in Kpop.

A brokerage company told Munhwa Ilbo that the contract renewal between YG and BlackPink was not smooth. The reason is that there are currently too many companies that want to sign contracts with BlackPink members, even willing to pay a huge deposit. So YG has to bear a heavy burden to gain the advantage.

In this regard, NH Investment & Securities said, “YG’s stock price is undervalued compared to its competitors. That reflects investors’ concerns about BlackPink’s contract renewal.”

An entertainment industry expert shared: “I know Lisa has a great influence in her homeland Thailand and Southeast Asia market. Therefore, entertainment companies in China and many other countries are ready to offered a deposit of 100 billion won (about 81 million USD ) to sign a contract with Lisa.”

BlackPink is offered by many companies with a huge deposit. Photo: YG Entertainment.

Blackpink brother 1

BlackPink is offered by many companies with a huge deposit. Photo: YG Entertainment.

BlackPink members may not make decisions based solely on the deposit amount. The girls understand that in order to maintain their heat, they should continue to work at YG. However, in order for all members to stay together, YG may have to offer an appropriate deposit amount, Munhwa Ilbo reported.

Many industry insiders predict that YG has to pay at least 20 billion won per member in advance to get BlackPink. Currently, BlackPink is conducting a world tour with the participation of 1.5 million spectators.

According to Munhwa Ilbo , if the average ticket price is 120,000 won ( US$97.68 ), the concert’s revenue has reached 180 billion won (more than 146 million USD ). In addition to album sales, digital music, other activities such as advertising, brand representation, YG has to make a huge payment to renew the contract with BlackPink.

The fact that YG recently announced the launch of a new girl group Baby Monster also caused concern. Experts say that YG is preparing for the possibility that BlackPink may not continue to sign the contract. Compared to other big music companies, YG has a smaller number of artists. Recently, many artists announced to leave this company.

In that situation, if BlackPink does not renew the contract, YG will surely suffer a huge blow. If this happens, there is a high chance that the company will try to minimize the damage by using Baby Monster as an alternative.

Jisoo BlackPink’s favorite books

Jisoo (BlackPink) is known by fans as a genuine book lover. In many schedules of activities, especially trips abroad, Jisoo always carries a book.

In interactions with fans, The Great Gatsby is a book often mentioned by Jisoo. Jisoo often shows excitement when she tells the story of a mysterious rich man named Gatsby pursuing his muse Daisy Buchanan. At the same time, according to some readers, the impressive point of the book lies in the way Fitzgerald has opened up a vivid and colorful world of Jazz music.

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