Ariana Grande’s makeup-free video has us stunned over her natural freckles

Juuuust when we thought we had recovered from Ariana Grande’s last makeup-free natural curly hair picture (whilst in the bath, no less), the star has shared yet another two (!!) to her Instagram and TikTok feeds. And I ain’t complaining – more is, well, more.

Ariana Grande posts rare no-makeup Instagram video

So, if you have no idea what I’m on about (uhhhh where have you been?!), just short of 24 hours ago, Ari took to the r.e.m. beauty TikTok account to share her ‘ultimate skin-loving complexion duo’, while, ofc, being makeup-free.

Now, as much as we’re so here for her tutorial (read: the teller of all celeb beauty secrets) using the Full Night’s Sleep Cooling Blurring Under Eye Balm, £18 and Sweetener Concealer, £21, what struck us at first glance were Ari’s natural freckles. I mean, talk about au naturale beauty, ey!

Ariana Grande shares rare makeup-free photo to promote her beauty brand -  Mirror Online

Truly, just stunning.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve fangirled over the singer’s barefaced beauty. Last summer, Ari debuted her – at the time – new God Is A Woman Body line on IG with a video reel to trump all video reels. Sharing that the range became available online and in Ulta Beauty stores, she posted yet another unseen pic from the promotional campaign shoot. Side note: we Brits are still waiting for the UK drop *hint hint*.

Ariana Grande Shares Rare Natural-Faced Selfies Amid Bout with Bronchitis

In the polaroid pic shared by herself as well as photographer, Katia Temkin, Ari wears her natural curls in an effortless updo with a few ringlets falling loose around her face and at the back of her head. *Warning* a shortness of breath may be caused due to such beauty.

Just as one comment reads, we have to agree that it’s totally giving “Glinda on Sunday morning. 🤍🕊” vibes. I mean, the hair = unmatched. Wicked.

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Though, hair aside, would you just look at those eyelashes?! Whilst we’re not 100% sure as to whether they are her real lengths or not, what we know for certain is that a lash extensions appointment is due, ASAP.

It’s not just our love for her beauty empire that keeps on growing but the love for her natural curls, too. Though, TBH, I’m not sure how much more we can take… would a fourth post send us over the edge? Probs.

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