Cristiano Ronaldo may form a new all-star team with five Premier League players

Cristiano Ronaldo is widely expected to join Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr following his acrimonious release from Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo looks increasingly likely to make a transfer to Saudi Arabia. (Image: Getty)

He may not be the only arrival as the club have also been linked with deals for N’Golo Kante and Sergio Ramos as they look to target experienced out-of-contract stars.

Here, Express Sport speculates who could join him in the Middle East from those in the Premier League who are coming to the end of their contracts as the Saudi side look to form an all-star XI.

N’Golo Kante 

Chelsea FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

N’Golo Kante has been tipped to make a move to Al Nassr to join Cristiano Ronaldo. (Image: Getty)

The Frenchman has already been linked with a move to the Pro League with Foot Mercato reporting that Al Nassr will look to sign the 31-year-old. Kante’s performances suggest he still has something to offer at the top level but he has been stunted by recurring injuries in recent years and as such may be forced to play in a league with a lower intensity.

Thiago Silva 

Thiago Silva targets playing until the big 4-0 - We Ain't Got No History

Should Al Nassr be unable to convince Ramos to come to the club they may turn their attention to Silva instead. The 38-year-old is yet to sign a new deal at Chelsea and it looks increasingly unlikely that he will extend his stay. He could therefore be tempted with a move to the Pro League for a season or two in order to give a significant boost to his finances before his retirement.

David de Gea 

Man Utd 'number one' target revealed as club plan ahead should David De Gea  leave in 2023

When United took up the option to extend the contracts of Luke Shaw, Fred, Diogo Dalot and Marcus Rashford, De Gea was conspicuous in his absence. The Red Devils are believed to be hoping to offer him a new deal on reduced terms but the 32-year-old may be tempted by a move to the Middle East if he wanted to maintain his current wage packet instead.

Diego Costa

GW14 Differentials: Diego Costa

The Spaniard has failed to impress on his return to the Premier League and the smart money would say he will leave Wolves at the end of his contract in the summer. Given he no longer appears to be the required standard for the top level a step down to the Pro League may be something which appeals to him while he is a big enough name to give the club the exposure that they crave.


Willian makes Premier League prediction when Fulham take on Chelsea at  Stamford Bridge -

The Brazilian has already spent time in traditionally poorer league for big money during his spell with Anzhi Makhachkala in 2013 and could be tempted to do the same again for Al Nassr. The winger has been a regular starter for Fulham over the course of the year but is yet to sign a new contract with the club and may move on if they decide to start planning for the future. The Pro League could await if they do.


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